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At Client’s request, before collection launch, CIVAS may manufacture a pre-production sample last verification of the garment. The Product & Production Office will take care of all production steps, paying great attention to the quality of every garment and delivery timing. Every production step and all CIVAS’s suppliers are carefully attended by a continuous control and certification process, in conformity with SA8000 Standard. The company also deals with a wide management area. The whole clothing manufacturing phase is coordinated by CIVAS in close cooperation with its contract manufacturers, chosen through a continuous control and certification process. Being primary stakeholders of the supply chain, they have to follow the management and social responsibility lines undertaken by the company. This policy allowed the creation of a trust-based relationship between the contract manufacturers and CIVAS itself. The solidity of these collaborations has reached such an extent that CIVAS asks the contract manufacturers to sign from the beginning a letter of intent and common values.

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