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Every pattern made by CIVAS, start from Client’s and or fashion designers sketches. Thanks to its employees talent, technical expertise and know-how, CIVAS is always able to find the perfect combination between the idea of Client and designer and the best processes and technical solutions.. Clients’ ideas are developed both manually or through the most updated and newest CAD software. CAD Office is always in contact with customers and takes care of every phase of the prototype development, in order to make everything proceed with the correct timing. The CAD Office also deals with production launch, by supplying information about fabrics and garments trimmings so as technical and cost tables. The CAD Office also provides for the positioning of all the fabrics and fills the technical documentation for the cutting process. At the same time, the warehouse prepares the fabrics for the cutting process and supplies the garnishes and accessories for the manufacturing process. CIVAS has a CAM department with automatic cutting machines as well as a manual cutting station for special customers requests and needs.

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